Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Nelson Arave in Nauvoo

Nelson Arave moved to Nauvoo in 1842, at about age 10.
His "adopted" parents, Jesse and Ruth Lampson, lived on the Joseph Smith homestead, block No. 155.
Jesse was a high priest in the LDS Church and about age 60, was blind or going blind.
It was likely that Nelson helped his parents doing many chores and travel to church meetings.
Nelson said in later life that he recalled seeing the Prophet Joseph Smith often and that he called him a poor orphan boy.
Joseph Smith also gave Nelson a special blessing and prophesied that he would be the father of a large posterity. (That certainly came true.)
Nelson received his partriarchal blessing on Jan. 16, 1846.
The Lampson's did not seal Nelson to them, according to temple records, when they went to the temple in 1846. By 1848, church records show that Jesse Lampson had died.
Nelson's own obituary stated that he intimately knew the Prophet Joseph Smith.
Nelson said he also recalled the speech by Brigham Young after Joseph was killed, where Brigham spoke with the voice of Joseph.
By 1846, the Lampsons and Nelson had moved to Council Bluffs, to escape persecution.
In 1851, Nelson left Sister Lampson and headed west to Utah territory.
It would be great to find more exacting information or stories about Nelson when he was in Nauvoo.

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