Sunday, February 12, 2012

Nelson Arave's Prison Time

Like many Mormon Polygamists of the late 19th Century, Nelson Arave -- the first Arave -- spent time in prison.
Nelson was sentenced to 60 days in Prison in Ogden's Fourth District Court on March 6, 1893 by Judge Miner, for having two wives.
He was released on May 5, 1893.
Prison in those days was the Utah State Prison, where Sugarhouse Park is now.
When released, Nelson was told to only live with one of his two wives. He picked the younger wife, Mary Ann Williams Arave, who was age 45 at the time, vs. Aroline Wadsworth Arave, who was age 56 at the time.
All that is known is that sometime between 1893-1896, Nelson and his second wife and that family moved to Idaho.
The move was designed to show that Nelson was not living with two lives any longer.
One of the as of yet unverified "legends" about Nelson's arrest is that it was my Grandfather Arave, Eugene Arave, who supposedly told the sheriff where his father was hiding, to be arrested. Eugene would have been age 10 at the time.
Also, of note is that during Nelson's prison time, the Salt Lake Temple was dedicated on April 5, 1893, and so Nelson missed out seeing any part of that milestone.
Furthermore, it is also ironic that almost a century later, one his descendants, A.J. Arave, served as the warden of the Idaho State Prison.
(The above two photographs are of Sugarhouse Park today, the site of the prison where Nelson Arave served for two months.)

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