Sunday, February 12, 2012

How Many Araves Are There?

How many people named Arave are in the U.S. today?
Uncertain, but there seem to be many hundreds.
Telephone directory searches are becoming increasingly less comprehensive, because many of the younger generation are switching to cell phones only and thus do not show up on such listings.
However, going by the latest phone book searches, here are how Araves are listed now, by each state, as a rough idea of the Arave presence in each state:
(22 total states have Araves listed....)

Utah: 46
Idaho: 42
California: 13
Arizona: 8
Montana: 6
South Carolina: 5
Kentucky: 3
Virginia: 3
Oregon: 4
Colorado: 4
New Mexico: 2
Washington State: 2
Tennessee: 2
Texas: 2
Nevada: 2
Maryland: 1
Missouri: 1
Minnesota: 1
Nebraska: 1
Florida: 1
Wyoming: 1
New York: 1

Other states: 0 listings.

--According to, they have 913 Arave birth, marriage and death records.
They also have 5,123 family trees under Arave, plus 161 records of military service.
Average Arave life expectancy is about age 81 now.

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