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Nelson Arave's Pioneer Trek

Nelson Arave, the first Arave, came from Council Bluffs, Iowa to Salt Lake City in 1851 as part of the John G. Smith Company.
The group left Council Bluffs on May 10, 1851 and arrived in Salt Lake City on Sept, 15 or Sept. 23, 1851.
Nelson is reported as having arrived on Sept. 15. (By then, Nelson was age 18).
On today's roads, it is 938 miles from Salt Lake City to Council Bluffs. In those days, it was surely 1,000-plus miles.
The company required more some 168 days to reach Salt Lake, likely averaging only about 6 miles a day.
(In contrast, a drive in 2012 from Salt Lake to Council Bluffs only requires 13 hours -- one long day, or an airplane ride of just several hours.)
The John G. Smith group had about 50 members. It also sported three wagons, five oxen and several ponies.
Nothing significant is reported from this pioneer trek, which took place just over for years after the first Mormon Pioneer trek to Salt Lake did.
(However, less than 4 years later, Nelson married Aroline Wadsworth, who was also a member of the same pioneer company.)
Some of the Smith company, including Nelson, was advised by Brigham Young not to unpack, but to head to "East Weber" (today's Uintah, Weber County). Nelson arrived there on Sept. 20, 1851.
Nelson lived in East Weber until 1858.
Then, he moved to Mountain Green, from 1858-1860.
He was in Morgan from 1860-1862; and then back to Mountain Green, from 1862-1869 or 1870.
Nelson lived in Hooper from 1869 or 1870 until sometime between 1893 and 1896. He died in Basalt, Idaho in 1906.
-Here's a lost of the participants of the John G. Smith Pioneer Trek (1851)and the known participants' ages.
Arave, Nelson Narcisse (18)
Barney, Alcea Celinda (10)
Barney, Alice Malena (16)
Barney, Danielson Buren (19)
Barney, Edson (44)
Barney, Edson Alroy (8)
Barney, Eliza Arabell (14)
Barney, Joseph Seth (5)
Barney, Lillis Ballou Comstock (46)
Barney, Louisa Walker Butterfield (28)
Barney, Partha Ann (1)
Birch, Fanny L. Wright (51)
Birch, George Wallace (34)
Birch, George Washington (infant)
Birch, Jane Elizabeth (10)
Birch, Susan Catherine Paine Thornton (40)
Birch, William Augustus (14)
Boothe, Amanda Susannah (10)
Boothe, Darius Daniel (12)
Boothe, Emily Charlotte (14)
Boothe, Henry (49)
Boothe, John Allen (19)
Boothe, Lewis Nathaniel (18)
Boothe, Martha Ann (8)
Boothe, Susannah Lyster (45)
Boothe, Willis Henry (17)
Brunson, Lewis (20)
Brunson, Seymour (14)
Butterfield, Mary E. (8)
Carey [or Corey], (Unknown)
Caulder, Isabella (29)
Cooley, [Mr.] (Unknown)
Crawford, James III (24)
Day, Abraham (33)
Day, Alice (1)
Day, Elmira Bulkeley (30)
Day, Elmira Jeanette (6)
Day, Ezra Joanas (4)
Day, Joseph Smith (11)
Day, Juliette (2)
Elmer, Harriet Gould (48)
Elmer, Jerusha Kibbee (9)
Elmer, John (72)
Felshaw, Caroline (6)
Felshaw, Hannah Olive (2)
Felshaw, John (14)
Felshaw, Lucy Rachall (9)
Felshaw, Mary Harriett Gilbert (43)
Felshaw, Sarah (infant)
Felshaw, Susannah (infant)
Felshaw, William (51)
Harding, Alma (16)
Harding, Charles (13)
Harding, Dwight (44)
Harding, Elizabeth Jane (11)
Harding, George (17)
Harding, Phoebe Eliza (5)
Harding, Phoebe Holbrook (41)
Hill, Alexander (71)
Hill, Elizabeth Currie (75)
Hill, Samuel Hood (10)
Lawrence, Emma Smith (14)
Lawrence, Maria (16)
Lawrence, Mary Ellen (11)
Lott, Isaiah Barkdull (4)
Loveless, Hyrum Smith (6)
Loveless, John (44)
Loveless, John Oscar (3)
Loveless, Mary Elizabeth (13)
Loveless, Parley Pratt (11)
Loveless, Rachel Mahala Anderson (45)
Loveless, Rachel Priscilla (10)
Loveless, Rhoda Sanford Lawrence (39)
Loveless, Sharlotte Lucretia (infant)
Loveless, William Duncan (8)
Mace, Elizabeth Armitta (4)
Mace, Elizabeth Armstrong (32)
Mace, Hiram (40)
Mace, Hiram M. (infant)
Mace, Lamire (11)
Mace, Marritta (2)
Maxfield, Elijah Hiett (18)
Maxfield, Henry Adheimer (infant)
Maxfield, James Appleton (14)
Maxfield, John Ellis (9)
Maxfield, John Ellison (50)
Maxfield, Joseph Smith (4)
Maxfield, Richard Dunwell (20)
Maxfield, Sarah Elizabeth (7)
Maxfield, Sarah Elizabeth Baker (40)
Maxfield, William Welener (11)
Melland, Charlotte Katherine (16)
Norton, Alanson (37)
Norton, Althea Marie (1)
Norton, Charles Waterberry (15)
Norton, Harriet Emmeline (14)
Norton, Lucy Ellen (11)
Norton, Lucy Wilkinson (62)
Norton, Martha Elmina (4)
Norton, Sallie Maria Freeman (34)
Park, Amanda Louisa (17)
Park, Cynthia Jane (15)
Park, Esther Catherine (13)
Park, James Addison (8)
Park, Matilda Stewart (42)
Park, Samuel Wallace (20)
Patten, [Sister] R. R. (Unknown)
Poppelton, George Joseph Stennett (7)
Shirtliff, L. A. (Unknown)
Skidmore, Henry Brett (20)
Smith, John Glover (43)
Stevens, Roswell (43)
Thornton, Jasper (17)
Wadsworth, Abiah (41)
Wadsworth, Abiah (2)
Wadsworth, Eliza Ann (9)
Wadsworth, Eliza Ann Hardy (45)
Wadsworth, Joseph Warren (19)
Wadsworth, Lucinda Mathena (infant)
Wadsworth, Nancy Ellen (11)
Wadsworth, Susanna Aroline (14)
Willey, David Orson (1)
Willey, Jeremiah (46)
Willey, Jeremiah Russell (4)
Willey, Samantha Call (36)
Willey, William Wallace (9)
(Note: The above photograph is of the original This is the Place Monument, at the mouth of Emigration Canyon. The more popular and modern This is the Place Monument is southwest of the first marker. This photo is also taken where Nelson Arave and many a Mormon pioneer would have received their first view of the entire Salt Lake Valley.)

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