Tuesday, February 7, 2012

First Arave Mother -- Aroline

I've posted a photograph of Nelson Arave's grave previously.
Now I'm adding the headstone for Aroline Arave, Nelson's first wife.
She is buried in the Hooper, Utah cemetery.
Her full name was Susannah Aroline Wadsworth Arave. She was born in Camden, Maine on Sept. 16, 1836. She died on May 15, 1917 in Hooper.
She was a daughter of Abiah Wadsworth, another prominent early Utah pioneer.
If you have the name Arave, you are either a descendant through Aroline or through Nelson's second wife, Mary Ann Williams, Arave (born May 6, 1848 in Abercarn, South Wales, United Kingdom).
Back to Aroline, she was apparently blind in her latter years and the family had to take care of her. She lived five years longer than Nelson's second wife, who died at age 64. Aroline was age 81 when she passed away.
Nelson had 12 children by his first wife and 11 by his second wife and so that's 23 total children.
Since I served an LDS Church Mission in southwest England and South Wales, I wish I would have known then that an Arave ancestor had been born there. I know I went right through Abercarn,South Wales at least once. I remember it well since there were so many professed atheists in that area, because of a coal mine disaster that killed hundreds in the 1870s. (I lived in Chepstow, Cardiff and Ebbw Vale while on my mission and also visited castles and the site of President David O. Mckay's mother's birthplace.)

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