Friday, March 16, 2012

Where did Nelson Arave Live in Hooper?

Where did the first Arave, Nelson Arave, live in Hooper?
It is NOT where I thought it was. It is at about 6700 W. 5500 South, about 1.1 miles southwest of where Gene Arave lived.
I saw a photograph in a Utah history book, "Hooper, Land of Beautiful Sunsets" and it looked familiar.
I found an identical photo in Norma Arave's photo book on homes. Her photo is marked on the left as saying the house in the background is the Arave house. Since we're talking the 1880s here, I surmise that had to be Nelson Arave's home.
(Note that the school photo, talked about above, is included in this blog.)
In that Hooper history book, there are some misspelled words (like Freemont, instead of Fremont, but otherwise the books looks credible and referenced.)
That history book says the school was the Hooper West School. It opened in 1880 and closed in 1905 and was located at 6700 W. 5500 South. (That's one block west of where you turn to the cemetery along 5500 South Street.)
Nelson ("Nels") Arave is stated in the history book too as being one of that Hooper West School's 14 original financers. (This lends support to the house pictured being Nelson's home.)
When I asked my mother, Norma Arave, about the photo where she said written "Arave House," she said that's what Lilley Arave (my grandmother) had told her the house was.
So, this may be the home where Nelson lived in most of all of his Hooper life and left from and moved to Idaho.
His youngest son, Eugene Arave, my grandfather, apparently lived on 5900 West Street, about straight west of the old Hooper Second Ward Chapel, when he got married.
Then, by the early 1940s, he built the house next door to where my mother's house would eventually be built, at 5413 S. 5900 West.
It would also be great one day to find about where Nelson Arave lived when he resided in Uintah ("East Weber"), as well as where he lived in Mountain Green, Morgan, and even Basalt, Idaho.
-On the accompanying photos: 1. Shows the West Hooper School and Nelson Arave's apparent home; 2. The other photos show the intersection of 6700 W. and 5500 South in Hooper, as of March 16, 2012. The house on the N.W. corner appears vacant. There are no homes on the south side and the N.E. home used to be where some Coxes lived ...

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