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Eugene/Gene Arave Property History

All properties probably have their own unique ownership history.
I thought I knew all about my father and grandfather's property and life history, but I didn't.
I'm fairly certain that my grandfather, Eugene Arave (1882-1962) lived 1.1 miles southwest of the center of Hooper at about 6700 W. 5500 South, for his first 20 years of life, until 1902. (That's where the first Arave, Nelson, had his Hooper home.)
Eugene married Lilley Arave (1883-1977)on Dec. 17, 1902.
Their first two children (Clarence and Orval) were both born in Hooper.
However, their third child, Della, was born in Taylor, Idaho in 1907. That town of Taylor doesn't exist anymore and is probably part of the east side of Shelley, Idaho today. (Shelley is located between Basalt and Idaho Falls.)
A newspaper article stated that Eugene and Lilley lived in the Idaho Falls area for three years. Based on their children's birthdates, that was probably from 1906-1909.
Nelson Arave died on July 8, 1906 and so it is very likely that Eugene was in the area when his father died. (Basalt, Idaho, where Nelson lived, is about 14 miles southwest of Idaho Falls.)
I'm suspecting Eugene moved to Idaho Falls to be close to his father, who had moved to Idaho when he was very young.
Eugene and Lilley's next two children, Lewis and Bulah, were born in Weber County -- Ogden and Hooper.
Then, the sixth child, Edith was born in Malad, Idaho in 1917. That same newspaper article stated that Eugene and Lilley lived in Malad for a year.
By 1920, they had moved back to Hooper, because that's where their next child, Nelson, was born.
So, I'm thinking Eugene might have missed his mother's death by being in Idaho. Susannah Aroline Arave, died on May 16, 1917, in Hooper, while Eugene's sixth child, Edith was born on July 23, 1917 in Malad.
What does all this have to do with property?
I'm suspecting Eugene and Lilley moved around for their first 16 to 18 years of marriage. I doubt they owned property in Hooper until at least 1918.
My mother, Norma, recalls that Eugene lived on 5900 West, across from the Hooper Second Ward Chapel, and about 600 yards north on where he lived in his oldest days.
Then, not until 1942 did he purchase the property at 5413 S. 5900 West.
That's where he built a home during World War II.
There, he eventually built a chicken coop (still standing in 2012) and a pig pen (torn down by the late 1960s.) He also help build his son, Gene's (my father) home in 1951-52.
Eugene also used to own the acre straight west of his home site and sold it to the Kilts family in the early 1950s.

Eugene and Lilley lived in Hooper, 1902-1906
Taylor Idaho, 1906-1909.
Hooper again, 1909-1917
Malad, Idaho, 1917.
Hooper again, 1918-on

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  1. Taylor Idaho still exists. The, 5 miles east of Shelley. There are many Arave's in the Taylor cemetery, and a long heritage of a branch of the Arave's that helped settle the region. Nelson -> Frank -> Nelson -> Wallace -> Arvon -> Brice is my line. Nelson Earl lived his days in Taylor / Jameston as a farmer. Enjoy your posts. Brice Arave