Sunday, January 29, 2012

Some of the More Famous of the Araves

Anyone with the oddly spelled name (and even more strangely pronounced surname name) A-R-A-V-E is likely related somewhere.
All came from the first Arave, Nelson Arave (about 1834-1906).
Most pronounce the name "Arvey," as if the A was silent and as if it had a Y on the end.
Anyway, if you possess that name you are probably thinking "tell me something I don't know."
OK. I did a Goggle search on "ARAVE" and here's what I believe are some of the more prominent of the Arave relatives, close or far, out there:
(Note: This is a work is progress and will be added to in the future...)

-ARVON ("A.J.") Arave, former warden of the Idaho State Prison.
-CHARLES Arave, KRISTY Arave and WHITNEY Arave: all 3 commercial photographers in Northern Utah.
-CLINT Arave, rodeo champion, from Blackfoot, Idaho area.
-JERRY Arave, principal of Kingman Junior High School, Kingman, Arizona.
-The late JOSEPH Arave, Ph.D.,of the University of Utah College of Health, Department of Parks, Recreation and Tourism.
-KIM Arave and the late DALE Arave, owners of both Western Reality and the Arave Constuction Company in Blackfoot, Idaho.
-LEON Arave, internationally known sumo wrestler.
-Leonard Arave, current mayor of North Salt Lake City, Utah.
-MICHAEL Arave, former studentbody president at Weber State University, 1980-81.
-The late PARLEY Arave of Idaho. Former president of the LDS Church's Idaho Falls Temple and also a Canadian Mission President for the LDS Church (Picture of Idaho Falls Temple above.)
-Dr. RICHARD L. Arave, dentist in Boise, Idaho.
-The late JAN "Shay" Arave, successful interior designer and manager of online health products and blogs in the Portland, Oregon area.

Others with ARAVE blood, but do not have the Arave name:
-"Jon Carter," a famous Utah radio host since 1979 (though raised in Idaho), now on KRSP. (One of his grandfathers was an Arave.) "Jon Carter" is his stage name.
-Gary "Wooly" Waldron, legendary Utah DJ (KCPX/KNAK and more), radio producer. (His mother's maiden name was Arave.)

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