Monday, January 30, 2012

Arave vs. "Arvey"

If you are an Arave relative, but don't carry the actual Arave surname, you may be lucky, at least in the area of having your name pronounced correctly.
It is just not often outside my own neighborhood where the name is said correctly.
The range of wrong pronouncements ranges from A-ravee to Rave.
Of course the correct way is "Arvey."
When I served an LDS Church mission in England, I eventually had my name badge redone to "Arvey" (see the accompanying picture), simply because I cared more then about how it was said than how it was spelled.
One British church member used to referred to me as "Elder Harvey, without the H."
Years later, Dave Blackwell, a well-known Utah sports writer/TV-radio broadcaster from the 1970s to the 1990s, coined my name in informal writing and notes as "RV," like recreational vehicle.
When Michael Arave was the studentbody president of Weber State University in the 1980s, I recall a rise in how often my Arave name was correctly stated in the Ogden area.
With Len Arave as North Salt Lake City mayor now, I'm betting there is a similar effect in that area.
Often times, it is more surprising when my last name is stated correctly than when it is not. For example, in January of 2012 I went into an America First Credit Union in Logan, Utah (some 60 miles from my home) and the branch manager surprisingly knew how pronounce my surname. There are a few Araves in Cache Valley, but not a lot.
-Also, in October of 2014, I went to the Rexburg Idaho LDS Temple, never dreaming my last name would be pronounced correctly. But, the sealer surprisingly knew the name and how to say it. He also said there are lots of Araves in Blackfoot.
-Then, later the same day, I visited the Idaho Falls Temple, where Parley Arave was its third president. No one seems to recognize the last name and sadly scanning the list of temple workers and volunteers revealed not a single Arave to be found.

-The "Why" Arave is spelled its unusual way is fodder for a future blog.

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